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Organizing a Wedding from abroad can be very difficult and troublesome. If you are an expat and you are intending to get married here in the U. K one of the first hurdles is getting your Invitations to your guests, and then receiving the replies from your guests sometime before your third anniversary. For this reason we provide a "Send and Reply" service dedicated to expatriates. All that you need to do is choose a design that you like from one of our Collections and supply us with the names and address of those that you wish to invite. We will send your chosen invitation out to all of your guests and use our own address as the RSVP. Once we have all of the replies we will inform you which of your guests has accepted your invitations by email so that you have a swift confirmation of numbers. We will then arrange to forward all of the replies onto you in one parcel so that you have them as a keepsake.

How it all works

Browse through our collections and once you have found a few designs that you like you can request to have samples sent out to you.

Once we have received your order along with the deposit payment we will produce a full set of proofs that will be sent out to you by special delivery. Alternatively you can view your proofs on our website. You will need to sign off each proof item. If you opted to have a hard set of proofs please return them to us either by post, Fax or Email (scanned), along with final payment. If you use our website to proof your stationery, you will be asked to accept or decline the proofs. You will then be asked to make the final payment. We do not anticipate anything being wrong with the proofs but should any errors occur we are happy for you to make any amendments, and then on receipt we will re-issue any additional proofs if required. Any alterations required after receipt of approved proofs may result in an additional cost.

Sending your Invitations
You will need to supply us with details of your guests' names and addresses On receipt we will personalize each invitation and send them out to your guests by first class post.

In order to get the replies back quickly we make the RSVP address our own. That way your guests will not have to rely on potentially unreliable local post facilities in your current country of residence. We set a return by date on the invitations and once we have all the replies we will email you with details of whom has accepted your invitation. This way you will receive confirmation and details of your guests quickly.

Forwarding on your replies
After we have informed you of whom has accepted your invitation we will arrange to have your replies sent to you in one parcel as a keepsake, many people tend to write messages with their replies.. The choice of where in the world and when this is sent is up to you.

Other Stationery items
We can arrange to deliver the rest of your stationery items such as Order of Services/Day, Menu and Place cards at an address in the U.K to be waiting for you when you arrive back in the run-up to your Big Day..

Charges for this service will vary so please contact us to obtain a quote.


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